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 If you are a Furniture store please  call your sales rep /   for public  please check-out online and sales rep will call you to confirm your order  

Layaway it's the Easy steps to get what you want

  • No finance charges
  • Small payments
  • Get today low prices

Make your down payment about 19% Make one time payments and then Pay the Due Amount In Full at any time within  6 Month.
Pick up your items if they are held at the store . For items held at the warehouse, schedule a pick-up or Shipping time.
We guarantee to hold the price of your furniture for 6 Month.
If the price goes down during your Layaway time , we will reduce the amount that you owe.
In the End of the 6 Month We will send you Invoice to Pay the Amount that you Owe . If you need more time contact Us!.)  If i go over the layaway time ? give us a notes , we will extend it 1 more month  with No Fees .
  Layaway Cancellation Policy:  The cancellation fee is 19% of the sales price.

How to make LAYAWAY payment for Existing Layaway order ?

  •  If the price go down during your Layaway time! your will be charged  the low price .

Layaway payments

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Choose payment amount
Enter Item Number and phone #

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  •  Select the amount your like to pay from Drop Menu .
  • Type the Item Number and Add your phone Number in the same box
  • We will Contact you within 24 Hours To Confirm  your payment 
  • Keep in mine this payment option been made for an existing order!  if this is your first payment please find the item and place layaway payment there .

Layaway it's the Easy way to get what you want.

  •  No finance charges    

  •  Small payments

  •  Get today low prices